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RCATSONE recently sat down with Gurmeet Judge, President & CEO at Encompass Business Technologies.

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“COVID-19 has pushed companies over the technology tipping point, transformed businesses and created new challenges for organizations across all industries. It is no surprise that the telecom and tech sectors have demonstrated leadership during this crisis. Government lockdowns have disrupted hardware manufacturing, and social distancing policies have shut down physical stores while exponentially increasing the demand for connectivity, collaboration software, and devices.

I had an honor of interviewing Alfred Engelhardt, CEO at RCATSONE, specializes in mobile testing technology design, build and delivery. Alfred shared insights on business opportunity in testing customer experience before product and/or service delivery. He also outlined process and challenges in building partnership, business relations, talent acquisition and team training.

Gurmeet Judge, President & CEO at Encompass Business Technologies or “Encompass” Encompass is an innovative provider of powerful, practical and cost-effective technology and consulting services focused around “Aligning Technology with Business Process” and a belief that technology should deliver consistence, expected business results.