Support data crowdsourcing securely and privately while leveraging your most critical asset–your workforce.

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  • Designed to integrate with our TITAN platform, the RCATSONE Mobile App acts as a secure virtual probe, delivering results from actual mobile devices directly to your dashboard. Its difference lies in the ability to keep all results private. With our app, results are yours and yours alone–unlike third-party testing apps with costly subscriptions and who publicly publish results.
  • Reduce operational costs as you gain the ability to deploy with ease to frontline technicians, engineering teams, independent contractors and corporate staff, along with the capability to start tests via SMS/Text command or locally on the device, meaning less fieldwork. Results arrive within the dashboard in real-time and include results from any previous test parameters such as RF and location details such as longitude and latitude.

Key Features

Real-time results

Eliminate third-party testing app subscription costs

Privately review and store your results

Streamline operations with one centralized Testing Platform

Geo hot mapping and fencing capabilities

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