RCATSONE Mobile Identity (MI) Server

Real-time Network-wide performance and availability

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Manage and optimize your complete Remote Probe Collection with a single platform.

The RCATSONE Mobile Identity (MI) Server™ powers complete control of your Remote Test Probes fleet with rapid, automated testing of wireless voice, data and messaging services using multiple SIMs. 

Intuitive and agile, the MI Server™ results represent vital information to differentiate one subscriber from another and determine which features each subscriber can access on the wireless network. By eliminating the need to send SIMs and technicians to each location physically, you’ll deliver the highest quality service while reducing costs. 

Designed for lights-out operation in remote locations, you’re fully supported with downloadable remote SW upgrades, administration, and configuration. For wireless phones using GSM, GPRS, EDGE, HSDPA, LTE, 5G NSA or 5G SA technologies, the SIM is the unique identity of each device. In short, the MI Server is your clincher to reduce cost, attract and retain subscribers and increase revenue.

Key Benefits

Remote Ready

With its rugged, embedded design, the Mobile Identity (MI) Server™ is scalable and capable of testing multiple SIMs over multiple locations. The solution stands ready to support thousands of SIMs and multiple Server Controllers and Chassis.

Fingerprint Accuracy

The ability to differentiate one subscriber from another and determine which features each subscriber can access on the wireless network changes the game when it comes to customer satisfaction. With the Mobile Identity (MI) Server™ able to perform a standard set of tests throughout the entire network footprint, detect and resolve customer-impacting problems at the speed of change. The result is consistently high-quality customer experience and loyalty.

Save Time and Money

We believe in being proactive when it comes to ensuring delivery is smooth and problem-free. The extensive recursive testing capability of the MI Server™ reduces the time and the associated risks and costs of network infrastructure installation or modification. Further operational costs are protected when using an automated, centralized service monitoring, testing and reporting solution. As the final cost-saving piece, increased customer satisfaction reduces churn while increasing revenue potential.

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