RCATSONE Cerberus Probe

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  • The CERBERUS platform offers a comprehensive solution for 5G NSA, 5G SA, IMS & VoLTE testing on mobile devices as well as for device to device interoperability testing. We measure the functional aspects of your device (5G NSA, 5G SA.  LTE attach, IMS registration, etc.), quality aspect of the voice call, and other key quality and performance indicators such as dropped calls, channel release time, average signal, and more. This enables operators to closely monitor whether it can meet the mobile network operator conformance requirements.
  • CERBERUS is a triple mobile phone test probe. The CERBERUS platform is fully controlled remotely and all testing using the phone is automated through the control of the web-based TITAN Platform. It is a rack-mountable unit that can be deployed throughout the network where other RCATS Probes are located. CERBERUS is integrated with the Mobile Identity Server that provides a centrally located pool of SIM modules for testing various subscriber profiles in geographically remote locations.
  • CERBERUS uses of commercial mobile handsets allow for the newest wireless technologies to be supported after they are released and therefore shortens the time to market of these new features. Thus new handsets can be tested in the carrier network shortly after introduction.

Key Features

Increases customer satisfaction by reducing the time required to detect customer-impacting problems

Reduces operating costs by automating monitoring, testing and reporting

Increases operator visibility of service quality by providing network-wide, real-time reporting of measurements and key performance indicators (KPIs)

Improves consistency in customer experience by performing a common set of tests throughout the entire network footprint

Reduces the time and risk to install or modify network infrastructure by providing extensive testing capability

Increases revenue and reduces churn through positive customer satisfaction

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