RCATSONE Phoenix Probe

Tough, rugged, intelligent elegance

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Actively monitor and improve the quality of services you deliver to customers

  • Built to last, The Phoenix Probe is our most rugged probe, designed to withstand challenging outdoor environments, including harsh climates and weather occurrences. Its tough exterior protects elegant technology designed to make testing challenges a thing of the past. Designed to integrate with any existing infrastructure, the Phoenix delivers real-time testing results for voice, data, and messaging in any environment.
  • Inherent remote operation capabilities allow for less staff interaction while its three wireless modules allow for up to 6 concurrent test scenarios, including zone to zone testing. Satisfy international users with roaming testing and billing verification and easily validate installation and service offerings in expanded networks. Its capability can expand to include 4G/5G and IoT testing and offers easy integration for backward compatibility with older network technologies.

Key Features


The Phoenix provides automated monitoring, testing, and reporting–meaning you can spend time and resources elsewhere, knowing testing is fully in hand. 

  • Supports multiple service validation packages including Voice, Data, Supplementary Services, SMS, HTTP, MMS, Iperf, 5G VoNR, 5G IoT and more.
  • The embedded DSP platform provides DTMF tone generation/detection, local voice generation/recording and support for voice quality measurements, interactive voice response (IVR), and message waiting indicator (MWI).


Every day, security becomes more paramount to operational success. The Phoenix provides secure access and control as part of the web-based TITAN Solution Suite. 

  • Red Hat Enterprise improves security and vulnerabilities review with consistent patching. 
  • Secure administrative access and control via SSL over Ethernet or serial port
  • Distributed architecture scales across hundreds of geographically dispersed locations


The Phoenix boasts a rugged, embedded platform using solid state hard drives designed for operation in remote locations, with support for downloadable remote software upgrades and rack-mounted installation.

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