RCATSONE Gryphon Probe and Mini Gryphon Probe

Monitor and Manage wireline quality and performance

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Today’s Mobile Network Operators have significant challenges as they face the modern consumers’ demand for more speed in higher bandwidth. This reality comes with considerable pressure to maintain a good customer experience and loyalty. 

The Gryphon works hand-in-hand with our TITAN Solution to boost your testing suite with wireline quality and performance insights while supporting customer premise equipment testing. The RCATSONE Gryphon Mini Customer Premise Solution (CPE) supports your customer premise equipment testing.

Rugged and reliable, the Gryphon enables comprehensive ethernet testing with on-the-go results available through your customized dashboard. Its rack-mountable design means reliable adaptability and laser-accurate results for a 360 view from the lens of your end-user. 

Its hardened exterior makes the Gryphon flexible for installation in various configurations such as central office, data centers, pops or base station cabinets. The resulting data is collected via your customized dashboard or sent via API to your data pool. This data helps guide vital revenue assurance decisions, including the ability to see all components of a data transaction for TCP/UDP bandwidth throughput, network traffic, VoIP, jitter, latency and fixed wireless services from two distinct locations within the network. The Gryphon probe supports 1GB to 10GB testing with four 10GB SFP ports and five 1GB test ports. The Gryphon leverages the latest technologies such as OWAMP and TWAMP protocols to test and measure network performance KPI’s at the packet layer.

Key Benefits

OWAMP / TWAMP protocols

Measure End-to-End Ethernet-based services on platforms for Cable Modems, ADSL/VDSL and Fiber to the home

Measure End-to-End Ethernet-based services for RAN networks

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