RCATSONE Dragonfly Probe

Actively monitor and improve service quality and delivery

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Good things do come in small packages. Compact and agile, the Dragonfly Probe is a powerful tool to test multiple locations and services in real-time - including against competitor results.

The Dragonfly is a small footprint, self-contained, with an embedded latest model mobile phone, test probe with the ability to mimic a real-world mobile subscriber experience. With Dragonfly, test across all 5G to 3G services such as mobile voice, data, text messaging, apps, web surfing and streaming services. 

Thanks to its rugged, discreet design and Power Over Ethernet (POE+), the Dragonfly does not require a rack-mount, meaning it fits in just about anywhere. The use of an embedded mobile device translates into an easily upgraded and flexible system able to keep in step with advances in technology. 

As part of the TITAN Solution suite, you’ll gain the ability to perform fully automated and coordinated tests 7/24/365 using remote SIMs from a centralized server–all without user intervention. 

With the power of customer experience in hand, you’re empowered to identify network and subscriber issues before impact.


The Dragonfly provides automated monitoring, testing, and reporting–meaning you can spend time and resources elsewhere, knowing testing is fully in hand.

  • Supports multiple service validation packages including Voice, Data, SMS, HTTP, MMS, Iperf, 5G VoNR, 5G IoT and more.


Every day, security becomes more paramount to operational success. The Dragonfly provides secure access and control as part of the web-based TITAN Solution Suite.

  • Red Hat Enterprise improves security and vulnerabilities review with consistent patching.
  • Secure administrative access and control via SSL over Ethernet or serial port
  • Distributed architecture scales across hundreds of geographically dispersed locations

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