RCATSONE Gryphon Ethernet Probe

The GryphonTM Ethernet Probe allows users to actively monitor and improve the quality of their wireline services delivered to end users

The GryphonTM is a self-contained, rack mountable unit that can be deployed throughout the network. It comes with dual-redundant power supplies for pro-longed operation. The GryphonTM is a platform supporting Ethernet only testing within the framework of the RCATS QoS Application suite. The GryphonTM is remotely accessed and controlled through the web based QoSExecutiveTM.

The GryphonTM supports two 10 Gb(SFP) ports and six 1Gb Ethernet test ports, with support for FTP GET, FTP PUT, HTTP GET, HTTP POST and PING tests.

It provides the customer experience for Ethernet services such as DOCSIS modems, ADSL modems or Fibre to the home services.

The available test ports also support for IPv4 and IPv6 internet addressing.

Key Features

  • Tests multiple services from an end user perspective
  • Rugged, embedded platform designed for operation in remote locations, with support for downloadable remote software upgrades and rack-mounted installation
  • Secure access and control via web-based QoSExecutiveTM
  • Support for custom applications
  • Support for Iperf3, FTP GET, FTP PUT, HTTP GET, HTTP POST and PING tests
  • Support for IPv4 and IPv6 internet addressing


  • Faster detection of customer-impacting problems facilitates resolution for increased customer satisfaction
  • Greater customer satisfaction reduces churn and increases revenues
  • Automated monitoring, testing, and reporting decreases operating costs
  • Network-wide, real-time reporting of measurements and key performance indicators (KPIs) increases operator visibility of service quality
  • Performing a common set of tests throughout the entire network footprint ensures more consistent customer experience
  • Extensive testing capability reduces the time required and associated risk of network infrastructure installation or modification
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