The RCATSONE QoSManager is a powerful platform that offers automated testing, centralized management and aggregated reporting for large numbers of deployed probes. It lets users run test scenarios at designated times and receive completion notifications as well as test results. Working in concert with the QoSExecutive database, it can populate it with information like service-specific measurements and Key Performance Indicators.

  • Key Features
  • Benefits
  • Automates service validation testing for voice, data and messaging services from an end-user perspective
  • Test scheduler coordinates execution of multiple tests across hundreds of Remote Test Platforms (RTPs)
  • Collects service-specific measurements and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for each test
  • Delivers test results to the QoSExecutive database or to external systems via FTP, e-mail or an SQL interface
  • Provides ability to filter and route test results based upon pre-determined criteria
  • Distributed architecture scales across hundreds of geographically dispersed locations
  • Ability to integrate with HLRs to dynamically reprogram subscriber and service profiles during test execution.
  • Automated, centralized service monitoring, testing and reporting reduces operating costs
  • Faster detection of customer-impacting problems facilitates resolution for increased customer satisfaction
  • Positive customer satisfaction reduces churn and increases revenues
  • Network-wide, real-time reporting of measurements and key performance indicators (KPIs) increases operator visibility of service quality
  • Performing a common set of tests throughout the entire network footprint ensures more consistent customer experience
  • Extensive recursive testing capability reduces the time required and associated risk of network infrastructure installation or modification
  • Service quality baseline information measures network change and upgrade impact.

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