Headquartered in Mississauga near Pearson International Airport, RCATSONETM is a leading provider of integrated monitoring and test equipment, software and real-time reporting systems to the global telecommunications industry. We are experts in technology design, build and delivery. RCATSONETM supports LTE, WCDMA, GSM and CDMA2000 networks, offering end-to-end validation of mobile, voice, data, messaging and billing services, through geographically distributed architecture of embedded probes and management systems. We also offer network-based products with end-to-end Ethernet validation for throughput, latency, jitter, VoIP and SIP services. Our solutions allow clients to gain insight into their network’s service quality as experienced by their end users. Not only do our products validate the customer experience, our reporting assures client revenues through real CDR test results, resulting in billing accuracy and associated profitability. Our customer user groups include Revenue and Billing Assurance, Network Quality Assurance, Roaming and Service Performance, Wireless and Wireline Engineering and Network Operations and Management.

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